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Friday, October 15, 2010

So I have been busy around the house lately. Trying to get ready for a Christmas Ideas craft show in a couple of weeks. But first I wanted to show what a 10 yr old and a 14 yr old does when they get creative with my stuff. Really, who knew a peat pot could look so cute! It's a good thing that I don't let them have free reign in my room or I wouldn't have anything to work with! So now they reside in my bedroom and in the living room. They are works of art that I will keep forever! The other pics are of some ornamants for the show. I wanted them to look like sugar cookies. They are made from paperclay and I did used christmas cookie cutters though. Some diamond dust and paint and glossy accent and there you have it! Oh and I am also making some vintage paper wreaths as well. This one is made from a childrens chuch song book. So sweet. I think my mother picked the book up at a garage sale for a quarter! I have her on the lookout for things now! It's always better to have more eyes looking for you, and I do need a couple more, my vision is getting a little blurry! Hope everyone has a great day! Oh and if anyone knows how to I would appreciate a little help. How in the world do you resize a pic. to a scrabble tile size? I am so frustrated it's driving me nuts! Any advice would be so appreciated!! Thanks!