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Monday, June 18, 2012


Ok here is number two for chocolate chip mint. As soon as I seen the color, or flavor, I knew I wanted to do something with a vintage feel to it.

I used a wooden canvas this time and started with a coat of gesso to the entire thing. Then I added some torn pages of vintage hymnal music. I painted on my mint and used some water and paper towel to wipe some away in the middle of the canvas. I used a darker green around the edges and scraped on some blue and white. I also used the brown around the edges after the paint was dry.

I made a transparency and transferred it in a couple of spots with a hand sanitizer. I don't use to much but just enough to transfer the image. If you use to much it will just moosh it around and smear the image.

I layed down the transparency then the girl. I added a vintage watch crystal that has some old lace inside. I used what was left of a book binding on the bottom and an old key. I added some old bottle caps I found over the weekend at an antique store as well. I had to, they had CHOCOLATE on them!!

 This thing, don't have  a freaking clue what it is, but I like it there! lol! I added an old door plate and little metal spools. One still has the thread on it. I finally went over the whole thing with some brown and black ink around the edges. Oh I did put some images on the side they are just of an old tape measure. I forgot to upload those!

I added some shading around the girl and everything with some black ink. This girl just looked like a sweet shyness. But the whole thing was because of the quote Keyhole to my soul. The reason for the key and the doorplate. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do! I love love all the wonderful comments I got for the first one! Thank you! Ok gotta go link up and go look at some wonderful beautiful art!