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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flower power!

I hope everyone is have a wonderful day. I just wanted to share some pictures of some flowers my daughter gave to me.

I didn't do anything to these photos, straight from the camera. Sometimes I do get lucky!

I love the water bubbles on the stems.

 I took a goody bag to my best friend since forever, today. She has breast cancer so I wanted to to something for her.

 She's a strong willed woman I tell ya! She doesn't ask for help or anything so today when she wasn't home a snuck the bag on her door. She'll have a nice surprise when she gets home.

 So I"ve been thinking and praying alot for her and her family. She has a daughter that's 15. Our girls go to school together. But like I said she is a strong woman and she will pull though and kick cancers butt!! It's amazing which way life takes you. You just never know.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Be Free!

Just a quick post today! I'm going to go have lunch with the hubby today and I'm hungry!! Just wanted to show another little painting I did. I'm really loving this long Bristol paper.

I used watercolors again. I drew it all out first with pencil.

 I then used black Pitt pen on some and painted some and just went back and forth with each where I thought it needed it.

 I used a white gel pen for the dots on the letters. I used the same stencil as last time but I added the swirls.

Thanks for looking today. Hope you all have a sunny day and Be Free!! ;) Ok, I'm gonna go eat lunch!!