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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Makin some magnets!

This Saturday is a Home and Garden and craft show that I'm doing. So I've been busy getting things ready for that. I've been making some magnets to sell. I always sell a ton of these things and every year there is always something that someone asks for that I didn't have.
Last year it was Elvis, so I made some with him. Plus some Elizabeth Taylor ones as well.
I think I'll make some Shirley Temple ones next. Plus some odds and ends of some funky stuff. Baby strollers and what not.
These are the glass marbles I use. I buy them at the Dollar Tree because I like them better. They are flatter and rounder and clearer, and they are only a dollar!!
I buy the magnet buttons at good ol Wally-world. Why I call it that I don't know, maybe cause my mom did! Oh and a 1 inch circle paper punch and glue.
Last but not least is a pic I just wanted to share of our Boxer Ray. He always looks out this door and I am FOREVER cleaning the snot off of it!! Only when the mail-man comes does it get shut! He doesn't like him at all! Well I hope everyone has a great day, or evening because it's now 6:00 in the evening here! See ya!!