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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm sorry roses!

Roses, that's what you get when you are mad at your husband and he knows he was in the wrong! I took some pics of them this morning and did a little editing, they were so glowing red before I edited them. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite ones.

I think I might just draw this one up and paint it!

I do love this one too.

Maybe this one too!

Well, needless to say he isn't in trouble anymore. Usually I get my hair done when this happens, but the roses are beautiful so, he did good! Hope you all have a great day and if no one else buys you roses, buy them for yourself, you deserve it!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Craft show and some art!

Ok kind of a long post today, but I've got some pics to share! The first few are of the craft show I did this past Saturday. Of course ya gotta have some peat pot ornaments! I made a few bags. Bigger totes and some smaller ones for the little girls. I thought they turned out pretty cute,even though I only sold one of the bigger ones. But I did get alot of compliments on them and it's always fun to talk to all the people who come by!

I made only two wreaths made from the vintage ornaments. I so love these! You just can't find the wonderful color and crackling from the vintage ones on the new ones that are made of plastic. Yes they won't break but they don't have any character to them! Plus a couple of vintage paper wreaths made from hymnal's.

And some pillows!

Some sweet little glitter birds that were stamped with words. My mother took this one home with her!

This is my quilt they raffled off that day! A lovely young lady won it, lucky girl!!

Here are a few of the big magnets that I planned on taking but forgot to grab them on the way out the door!

Maybe deep down I really wanted to just keep them for myself!! Hope you all have a great Monday!!