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Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's brown!!

Well while Rosco is not my work of art, but he is brown! Plus with the touch of red in there he goes with my art piece today!! LOL!! So here it is! For some reason this brown just threw me. I don't know why I had a hard time with this color! I love brown!

I started with my journal and layered a couple of spots with some old papers. Then just added some browns of acrylic paint. Then some polka dot stamps and a couple of gear transfers in the background. I actually just printed them out on the shiny side of transparency paper and layed it down where I wanted it and burnished it on with my nail. It's suttle, but I didn't want it to stand out to much.

Love his eyes!! My daughter came in and was like" What the crap? "(she's 15, a teenager that explains alot!!)

I do like the touches of red, which is my pop of color. I don't know, I hope you guys like it. I'm glad you stopped to look! I love each and every one of your comments, they make my day! It's nice to have someone look at what you make, what YOU see, and get it. My lovely children think I'm weird and they don't get it at all!! LOL!! But it's ok, I make it for myself because it's me, it's who I am! It give me peace and sanity in between the "she's wearing my shirt" and "can someone come over and swim". Plus I do love it when art rubs off on them in little ways here and there! Anyways, thanks for looking at my man today!!! Gonna go look at some art!!! Have a awesome day guys!!