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Monday, September 19, 2011

Back pain is no fun!!

THis is what you do when you are down in your back with a herniated and bulging discs. I have been so bored I cannot explain it!! I'm sick of t.v! I can finally get up to get on the computer today and actually went to the store in complete pain!! I'll be taking some meds tonight!! So I wanted to share my doodles with ya.

Wish I had more to share with ya, but sleeping and having my family wait on me and my husband do chores is really no fun at all. But they are loving and wonderful and I am so lucky to have them!!

Why is there always such a big space in between some of my pics?? It's so annoying! Does anyone know how to fix it?

Oh I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful comments on my previous post. So sorry I couldn't get to thank you guys sooner!:( But thank you, thank you, you guys are so sweet and they make my day!!

Ok I'm gonna go lie down thanks for taking a look and I hope you all have a great pain free day!!