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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maybe this will work!


Monday, August 2, 2010

New Green Paper challenge!

Even though I just made a new post I gotta make this one too! A new challenge at Green Paper! Mine is called My love is not for sale! I started with a canvas board and applied vintage dress pattern paper, first I wrinkled it up then glued it down. Then I started with washes of water color and then sprinkled some sea salt here and there to absord some. I wrinkled and burned the check and added some ink as well. I stamped a red heart on fabric glued some string around it and added a hook and her key to her heart. The bird holding the sign that says My love is not for sale. Oh, I also added layers of stamps too. Then I went to a photo editing program and made it a bit richer and added some more floral swirls and such! Hope you like it! Thanks for the wonderful challenges Green Paper...they are wonderful for someone who has always made art but just discovered mixed media!

Bears and ducks!

Bears and ducks oh my! We went fishing,at least that what we planned anyway, but he didn't catch anything, we kept loosing our worms, and the water was rough from the skii-doo's. But I think he had a little fun wading in the water looking in the water for shells and minnows. The ducks came up thinking we had bread for them. We usually bring some but forgot this time. The other pics are of a bear I got at one of the antique stores uptown. I brought her home and gave her a good bath and made her perdy! I made the little sundress and dyed it grungy. Gave her a key to her heart on vintage seam binding that was dyed also along with a rose in her hair! I would say it was a good Sunday!