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Monday, July 2, 2012


So here's my artwork for this week over at www.twinkletwinklelikeastar.blogspot.com for the Summer of Color#2!! She is on a wood canvas that I covered in gesso first.

 I then added  a napkin with Modge Podge and added a little gesso with water and wiped some off. I also added the yellow and the pink in the same way. I added some white circles using an old ribbon spool dipped in paint. I added the darker pink drips with a paint pen.

 I added the stamps I found on a flicker group. I used an old strawberry farm ticket stub. The little girl actually had a body. but I cut it off to make her this little strawberry fairy, sort of, she doesn't have wings! But she does have arms and legs. She's a little kooky, but hey it's what was in my mind!

I then went around the edges with ink and around the images with charcoal. Oh I transferred the word strawberry with the hand sanitizer. Just paint it on lightly, really just enough to get the cavas wet but not mooshy wet, does that make sense? lol! Then use the transparency and burnish it down before it dries.
That's about it for this one, now I'm going to link up and look at the rest! Have a great day everyone!!