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Thursday, January 6, 2011

quilt basting and Green Paper challenge!

I'm basting a quilt for a friend today that I made for her. She is having a baby girl in a few weeks so I need to get it done! I love doing baby quilts! It's the size I mainly make because I just don't have the room for a bigger ones! I do have a "design wall". It's a cheap vinyl table cloth turned and pinned on the wall backwards so the blocks "stick" to the back. It works too! That way I can lay them out and keep track of them! This is the basting spray that I use. It doesn't gum up my machine or needle so I love this one! I lay out my batting first on the floor.Then I lay out my backing fabric first. Smooth it out flat then spray the top edge first then flip the bottom up the just spray down the rest and smooth as you go. Well actually I do a section at a time, not the whole thing at once.
Plus try to keep the kitty off of here! I don't know what it is about cats and fabric but they love it!

Then I flip it over and lay out the quilt top and do the same starting at the top edge and work my way down in sections.

I do hope they love it! They painted the room pink and all girly!

Finally this is an ATC I did for the Green Paper's challenge. You get 3 images to play with! I has an old key and an old gosh I don't know, part of a drawer pull? Hope you like it and hope everyone has a great day today!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Well it's a new year and like most people I do feel energized for new, well everything!! We had a great Christmas with family and friends. Meagan and Jordan had great birthdays as well. So now that it's a new year I'm ready for some change. So we have been looking at new furniture! yea! I am so EXCITED! I have been wanting new furniture for the living room for a couple of years now. We were going to get it last year but I wanted a new car instead! :) So we've been looking for some new stuff, finally! That means I'll be repainting and new curtains and man I can't wait! Of course I'll take some pictures along the way! On another note my wonderfull hubby bought me a Cricut Expression for Christmas! I have looking at this thing for awhile now and just never bought it. So he took the hint and got it for me! I love this thing! I've been doing some glass etching so far. I wanted to redo these jars so I thought it was the perfect place to start! I've got so many ideas just waiting to be put to use for this thing! I'm just so ready for this year!!