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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's orange baby!

Well here's my orange for the week! I wish we had some more colors to go because I've really, really enjoyed this! Meeting some new people and new followers and seeing so much wonderful and beautiful artwork!! We had to add a favorite quote and I added "To practice art makes your soul grow" by Kurt Vonnegot. I love this quote because art does make my soul grow. When I need a pick me up, I go to art. When I need an escape from things,like teen-age drama, I go to art. It refreshes me and clears my mind ready for the next round!! With this one I started with yellow, light orange and red pastels and just smeared them into the background. I sprayed it with a fixative so it doesn't get all over everything else! I then used some light orange, dark orange and white acrylic paints spread on with an old i-tunes card. (I have a ton of these things, my kids have i-pods!)

I then used a used sticker sheet, well wait it isn't a sticker it's those little white circles with the hole in the middle to re-enforce a hole in the paper. I used light blue paint and brushed it on like a stencil. Then I used some stamps here and there as well.

I drew the black and white image behind his head on water color paper and cut it out and glued it on behind this handsome man! I drew on the black and white border and used paint pens to color it in. I drew the circles in the border as well and also used the paint pen to fill those in. Oh I used a Sharpie ultra fine point marker for this as well. I drew the lettering on and then used paint , the paint pens and the Sharpie to color it in and add the detail as well. The dots are done with a white paint pen and the little flowers were drawn on and painted with acrylics and Sharpie for detail.

The thing with orange for me was trying not to make it look Halloweeny. I was still drawn to the black and white with the orange though, but I do like the way it turned out! Thanks for stopping and taking a look!! Hope everyone has an awesome day and hopefully I won't melt today!! It's so hot here!!