I am who I am and that's all that I am. I love my family and friends. I love to make art, all kinds! My interests are here there and everywhere! I'm glad you stopped to visit me!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and birthday's oh my!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We have been busy here as well. First it was our anniversary, 17 years! Then it was this young ladies 16th birthday! And yes she is sweet!!

 Then it was this young mans 12th birthday! Teenage years are upon us with him!!

Then I got an early present that I wanted to post about and just didn't have time to do it! I got published! I was so excited to get this in the mail! I was not expecting it at all!

 I sent in a few ATC's and didn't hear back till I got this in the mail!

Yes I have been showing my family and friends. My family thinks I'm silly but I don't care!! I think this is gonna be a great year already!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just a little of everything today!

So clearly my kitties are both presents this year!
 I found this awesome horse at a junk sale for only $1. He's chippy and old and has two holes on the bottom. I have no clue what he was used for but I like him!
 Oh and he's metal and very heavy.
 My anniversary flowers! Yesterday was out 17th year together!! It really doesn't seem like it's been that long ago. We've know each other since highschool  but didn't get married till he got out of the Marines,oohraa!, and I moved back from Florida.
 We just started dating and I couldn't get rid of him! lol!
 He's the best husband and dad and I'm happy and couldn't ask for a better life! Maybe the only thing I could ask for is some toilet paper in the bathroom at 3am when I gotta potty!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here a couple of images today to share. I really should be cleaning, but really, who wants to do that? I thought these two were sweet. Brother and sister I suppose. Love the big bow in her hair!! Is anyone else using this new Blogger? I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Well I'm off to clean, yee haa!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a sharing day!

Hey everyone! Here is a few things I wanted to share with you today! The first is a receipt from a treasurer's office in Iowa. Love the handwriting on this one as well as the next one.

 It is a , well I don't know! A check? A receipt? I don't know but I like it! It's from 1926 and the one above is from 1876.
 These next two I don't have a clue as to who they are but I like them. I love the quilt background on the first one.
 And this one looks as if he was using props, not a real gun slinger but wanted to look like one! I thought he was pretty neat. I bought him at an estate sale here in town last summer. So that's it for today hope you all have a use for them! Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New doodle

So I thought I would share my new doodle with you all today. Loving this new computer! I have so many photos to share with you for your artwork! I'm gonna get them together and share some tomorrow so come back then for sure! Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season filled with family and friends and holiday cookies!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sharing a photo for you!

New computer and some new fun for me! I found this picture over the summer and wanted to share her but my old computer just was well, crap! So with this new one I can finally share my old photos and such with you guys! So  please feel free to use her all you want!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Chocolate and glitter

Finally a chance to post! It's been busy for sure. But I have managed to eat some of these peanut butter cups! YUMMMMMYYY!And trying to figure out this new computer I got for Christmas this year! Yes it's early but hey, I"ve been a good girl this year! I did play a swap with http://artjoystuff.blogspot.com and this is what I received! Beautiful isn't it? I felt like I needed to redo mine after seeing all the wonderful ATC's!
Plus I've been making ornaments for an order for my cousin.Some cones made from vintage church music books. Just lovely I think!
I was packing these up for her and the sun was shining just right through the back window.
Love love love this time of year!! I do hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!! I need to make some cookies!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you ladies so much for your well wishes for my Sami. I don't want to post a picture of what she looks like now because she has a fracture to her eye orbit and her nasal cavity, so her face is swollen and bruised, so I'll post this one instead. She goes back to the doctor Monday to see if surgery is needed and we pray that it's not! One lesson learned here by her, do not throw cell phones or anything for that matter, at anyone! Yes it was caused by a cell phone that was thrown hard enough and hit at the right spot to do the damage it did! So keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she doesn't have to have surgery and it will heal up on it's own! Thanks everyone hope you all have a great day!! xx

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's going on?

This is what happens when your dog thinks he is Christmas present. Ever since I put it up he lays under it! I have lost only one, and it better be the only one, ornament. Oh, and this is what happens when you put lotion on your hands and then wip your camera lens. It does look kinda cool though!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our was quite an event. My daughter ended up in the e.r. She is now on the mending road! So alot going on with helping her and decorating and yelling at my dog to not knock the tree over! It's fun over here!!;)

Friday, November 18, 2011




I am currently being held hostage by this candy bar! It saw me at the store yesterday and just came home with me! It’s been calling my name and I can’t resist it! I need help….or maybe I’ll just finish the darn thing off and won’t have to worry about it anymore! Hope you all have an awesome Friday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm sorry roses!

Roses, that's what you get when you are mad at your husband and he knows he was in the wrong! I took some pics of them this morning and did a little editing, they were so glowing red before I edited them. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite ones.

I think I might just draw this one up and paint it!

I do love this one too.

Maybe this one too!

Well, needless to say he isn't in trouble anymore. Usually I get my hair done when this happens, but the roses are beautiful so, he did good! Hope you all have a great day and if no one else buys you roses, buy them for yourself, you deserve it!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Craft show and some art!

Ok kind of a long post today, but I've got some pics to share! The first few are of the craft show I did this past Saturday. Of course ya gotta have some peat pot ornaments! I made a few bags. Bigger totes and some smaller ones for the little girls. I thought they turned out pretty cute,even though I only sold one of the bigger ones. But I did get alot of compliments on them and it's always fun to talk to all the people who come by!

I made only two wreaths made from the vintage ornaments. I so love these! You just can't find the wonderful color and crackling from the vintage ones on the new ones that are made of plastic. Yes they won't break but they don't have any character to them! Plus a couple of vintage paper wreaths made from hymnal's.

And some pillows!

Some sweet little glitter birds that were stamped with words. My mother took this one home with her!

This is my quilt they raffled off that day! A lovely young lady won it, lucky girl!!

Here are a few of the big magnets that I planned on taking but forgot to grab them on the way out the door!

Maybe deep down I really wanted to just keep them for myself!! Hope you all have a great Monday!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


So a really quick post then I gotta go pick up the kids from school! Finally some art to share! I have been getting ready for a craft show and I thought I would share this. It started with some watercolor paper and a page of an old book. Then I used some watercolor crayons and sprinkled it with some salt while wet. I then added some oil pastels around the edges.

Then some stamps here and there. I used a gel pen for the white dots and little doodles at the top.

I always do a bunch of magnets for this show. I seen these sheets of magnets at Wal-Mart and thought , well why not give it a whirl.

I like how she turned out. If they don't sell, then I have some really pretty art for my fridge, or my back door where I hang all of my little ATC's. I work in my laundry room and there is a back door in there. It's my Mom Cave!! LOL! Hope everyone has a great Halloween!!