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Monday, July 25, 2011

Purple Nurple!

Ok I love all the comments on my pages! They really make my day and just puts me in such a great mood!! Plus I get inspired seeing everyone elses artwork! In these pages for purple you also had to add some sparkly stuff!! So I wanted to use glitter and I wanted it to flow and fall out of the garden pot along with the stars. There is also glitter on the balloon and her curtain!

I started by laying down a couple of pages from an old book. I then used washes of dark purple, light purple and a little white and just blended them all together! Really the messier the better! When that was dry I added some smears of silver ink in a few spots and then some white paint splatters. I then made a really watery runny mess with some dark purple along the top of the pages and just let it run by holding the journal up. It helps sometimes to get the paint to run to spray the top with a little water.

I painted the garden pot green and added some highlights with paint pens and some a ultra fine point Sharpie pen. I painted his bow orange and added some numbers to his outfit.

For the glitter I just used good old Elmer's glue and drew it flowing out of the pot, wait maybe it's an urn? LOL!! Anyways, I then used Martha Stewart's glitter and just went from the silver and blue and purple and pink! I cut out the stars glued them on and then painted them yellow.

I then did my lettering with a paint pen and went around everything with a charcoal pencil to add some depth. I don't think I forgot anything, so thanks for looking at my pages and now I'm off to go look at some others!! Hope you all have an awesome day!!