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Friday, January 4, 2013


Well since I can't post the pic I want I'll just tell you anyway. I've been published again, it's on my sidebar over there >>>>>. This is frustrating. They better get it fixed soon! Anyway, yay me! I wish I could share pics with ya but, I haven't gotten mine in the mail yet. So for those of you who can read it I hope you enjoyed it!! Truly such a wonderful honor to be considered for the front cover! Congrats to the winner the cover is beautiful!!
Well, shoot hope you all have a great night!!

What I've been up to.

Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos today or is it just me? I want to add some from my computer but it will only allow from my phone, web cam, and such not "browse' so I can find it in my "pictures" on my  computer!!