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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dirt bikes and Ice cream!

First I had to share some pics of my son Jordan on his dirt bike.

 Such a cutie! (if he read that he would die)

Of course Mr. Know it All here, had to give him a few pointers. He used to race too so he had some input on the subject lol!

Here is my next piece for Summer of Color. This week was Baseball Nut.

I started with a wood canvas and gessoed it. I added a layer of white tissue paper with Modge Podge and let it wrinkle for texture. I  then added the almond color and a little white blended in the background. When that was dry I added the raspberry colors. They ranged from red to pink to purple even and just mixed as  I went.

I added some of the colors to a used dryer sheet and smooshed it around till it was covered. I tore it into pieces and added it to the corners. Oh I almost forgot! I painted all of the keys first with acrylics.

I added the keys with a glue and then the doorplate and the girl(I used her last week to) and the heart and little spool.

Then the words I printed out from the computer and added a piece of scrapbook paper behind them and glued them down as well. Lastly I added some Diamond Glaze to the keys and the heart. Oh I did add some dots here and there first.
Well I hope you like her. I do! Now go look at the list of some wonderful artists and play along!Go to www.twinkletwinklelikeastar.blogspot.com. ( I am such a dork. I forgot to thank all you for your wonderful comments!!! So sorry!! I love love reading and  all of them!! Ok now I'm gonna make my way through the list!!)