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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Please excuse me while I overload you with photos of my daughter today! lol! It was homecoming week here and she made homecoming court this year!

So of course I gotta show her off!

Meagan and her dad. No way I'm showing my pic with her..it's horrible! I think her legs look rockin in this dress!

One of my faves here!

Shoot I like em all!

It was a week long thing at the school and ends with the dance and football game which we won! Whoo hoo!

I added a short video of her leaving and bowing to the queen. I didn't want to share the longer one of them walking in! The coolest thing about this is, even my neice made the court! So is that ever going to happen again? Me and my brother both having our daughters on the homecoming court! It was a good week!

The freshman and sohmore attendants. My neice is the one in yellow.

The whole court!

Thanks for looking and letting me brag alittle!