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Monday, February 28, 2011

Antique store finds!

I just had to get out of the house today! I've been working on getting some quilts done and I needed some fresh air so I went to the antique store uptown. I found this cute little picture. It was a whopping $1.50, it was half off today. I like the broken watch. I'll take it apart and use if for a charm or something.
Gotta have the keys! I love old keys and these were all for $7.oo so they came home with me!!

I also found this little German prayer book for $2.00!

I don't know what I'll do with it, if anything, but I just love the pages!

Then I found some awesome tin type photos. $4.oo a piece. Is that a good deal on those? Really I don't know if it is, I just love the fact that their cheeks are pink! So that's my day. I am so tired today. We had some storms last night and the tornado alarm went off at 1 a.m. and my husband was up and watching t.v. to make sure we weren't gonna get blown away. I need a nap!!

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Joanna said...

Brilliant finds, all of them. Lucky you having such a wonderful antique store so close to you.