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Monday, May 9, 2011

A great Mothers Day.

Well I had a wonderful Mother 's Day! I hope all the other mother's out there did as well! As you can tell there is nothing better that a giant box to occupy a young boys mind! Plus the dog!
Really all Rosco wanted was the darn ball glove. Meagan took this photo and I must say she did a great job!

See my roses are blooming! So pretty. I love to sit outside and just sit and smell the roses! So yes I do stop to smell the roses! heehee!

Lovely picture of my dad in his wonderful overalls, over-hauls, what ever you want to call em!

This is the awesome fountain I got for mother's day. It's in the front yard and I just love it! I love the sound of running water.

I could sit out there all day long, but then who's gonna clean and all that other boring stuff?

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