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Friday, May 20, 2011

Meagan graduated!

Well it has been busy around here the past few days! Meagan graduated the eighth grade, now going into highschool! I didn't get many pictures of her at the ceremony because the little stinker wouldn't look at me and kept hiding behind friends so I couldn't get a good shot! But I did get this one after she got her diploma! I'm so proud of her!! Yes, this is my wonderful husband. Yes he's doing what your thinking he's doing. Going for a boob grab! Sorry had to share, thought it was quite funny!!!

My wonderful family! Even though it's pretty obvious my son could care less.

Jordan and his Grandma Shirley. Man he actually smiled!!! Priceless!

See still no smile. Little stinker.

She does look pretty in her dress though!!!

At the end of the day they do love each other. Even through the fights over clothes and what not. They are sisters and brother. They are family and that is what counts!!!


Joanna said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! The boob grab, fells can't resist it can they?! But you just gotta love 'em. An your son, ha ha - it is so a boy thing. And I'm not sure they ever ever ever grow out of it., so you'd better get used to that expression! (Can you imagine his wedding photos?!).

Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL! Your fella's gonna have to fight the boys off!

Lovely happy post, Lisa. It's a real pleasure to meet your family.


sugar Creek said...

No they can't can they!! lol!! Oh man I can't imagine his pictures then!! Hopefully he will look a little excited by then! lol!!
Thank you so much and yes we do fight them off!! lol!