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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just some silly stuff!

Just wanted to share some pictures of when we went for a drive to the lake the other day. I really just wanted to go to get some pictures at sunset and to get out of the house for awhile. Me being silly! Hey if ya can't be silly sometimes and laugh at yourself what's the point!!? And since my finger was in my nose..I didn't find any gold either! LOL!! (have you ever heard of that? Are you digging for gold?)

Seems like I can only get a picture of Jordan when he is not looking.

Some people of the damn fishing.

The bridge that goes across the damn. Exciting stuff I know! But I thought it was a pretty pic!

And yes my husband thinks he can to the crane from the Karate Kid movie!! lol!! He just kills me!!


Joanna said...

Lovin' your silly stuff! I'd better tell my son there's no gold up there. Mind you, you'd have thought he'd have worked that one out for himself - he's been digging long enough!

Lovely pics of the sunset.


missy k said...

I love your fun pictures!

Especially the one of your husband being inspired by the 'Karate Kid' movie!