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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Relax! That is what I need to do! I have managed to squeeze in a little artwork.
 Not a long post today for sure. This is a photo I found at the antique store over the weekend. Use it if ya want too. I love her bow in her hair. So sweet with her granny. Hope you all have a good day I am off to buy some flowers for the yard. Yay I do love to work in the dirt as well! Hopefully I won't get  rained on!


Joanna said...

Mmm, your artwork reminds me of juicy melons and citrus fruits. Some people relax when they're ironing (WHAT???!!!!), but arting does it for me :o)

I hope you enjoyed your time planting. I can't get in the garden for the rain, the grass is totally waterlogged. And we've got a hosepipe ban, go figure!


Kristin said...

What beautiful art and a fabulous picture! Thank you for sharing it and your talents with us!!
AND me too - I only just started using those free artist pages - but I never did before for not wanting to tear anything out! BUT . . . then it is cool to use something free for once, lol.
Happy almost weekend, xoxo

bockel24 said...

short but wonderful! your page would make a great blogheader too!

Kristin said...

Hey Mama!
Thank you for your sweet comment - and I agree! I totally thought of mermaid when I finished the hair. Thank you for checking it out ;) xoxo