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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some pretty stuff!

Yay I have a moment to make a post!! Last week I went to a flea market and found these! I bought five cigar boxes of these vintage watch crystals. They were all full. They were from Germany and France. I did wash them up, I saved the stickers of course, and did this with a few of them.

I started with a scrap of scrapbook paper and added some vintage lace and a handmade cameo, made from polymer clay.  I then glued the two together.

I like the way these turned out, but I need a different glue. This one leaves a white residue on the inside.

I found this little dog tag. I just thought it was neat and for only $1 I'll find something to do with it. Maybe in a collage!! You might see it herewww.twinkletwinklelikeastar.blogspot.com for another Summer of Color! This year is icecream colors! So much fun you should go and join in as well!

Last but not least I bought this little beauty. This was before we knew my daughter was having a boy. I thought she could decorate the baby's room with it if it was a girl.

 Well, I have no use for this little thing now, but I still love it!

It has the original lining and the handles and lid work. Oh well. I'll just look at it for now!


Joanna said...

Wow, those watch crystals were a great find, and I love what you've done with them already. I think that Ranger's Glossy Accents are good for this kind of project and it dries clear.

The baby basket is so cute! Maybe keep it for your daughter's NEXT baby...........?!


Shahrul Niza said...

Those pendants are all gorgeousness!. I'm so happy to just see them :). TFS.