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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Been busy!

Well I've been busy with stuff! Running here and there and working on these! Did I already show this necklace? I can't remember. It's from a vintage watch crystal. Love these little things!

These are some paperweights that I found on my birthday when we went to Paducah to the antique shops there. I soaked them and took off the yucky old stuff and redid them. This one is a little deeper so I added some actual objects to it.

 These things are hard to photograph. At least for me anyway! ha!

I do like the way they turned out though.

They are in my facebook shop. Trying to do that, so maybe it'll work out! http://www.facebook.com/sugarcreek.lisabowlin

Here is my beautiful daughter Sami and her fiance Chad.

And their beautiful baby boy Camden! I can just tell already he's beautiful and smart!

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Kristin said...

Beautiful work and beautiful, smart family!! Congratulations to you all, xoox!