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Thursday, January 20, 2011

SNOW! Yes we have more snow.

I've had enough. Just like everyone else, I've had enough snow. It is pretty to look at. I do love to watch it snow, it's so peaceful.

We had plenty today that's for sure. The sun finally came out, for about half an hour and now it's getting dark, so I went out to take some pictures.
I love taking photos of this old truck in my neighbors yard. There is no telling what else is in that yard, but I like the truck.

Of course the wheelbarrow never gets put up at the end of the year. Ever. But, it's pretty with some snow on it!

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Joanna said...

We experienced a prolonged period of snow just before Christmas - once the novelty wears off it just becomes a constant battle to get about, and a long list of cancelled engagements. I hope it all goes soon.

Thank you for dropping by my blog, Lisa. It's always lovely to see you've visited.