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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Button button who's got the button's?

Well I do!! I went to the antique store uptown the other day and found this whole container of buttons for 20.00. Had to buy it!! There are so many buttons in this thing. Little containers of buttons, shell buttons, absolutely beautiful buttons!! These are my favorite ones!! They are crystal or glass? I don't know and I don't care! They are sparkly and I've never seen buttons like these before! The little roses are inside of the button. So cool!

Plus these! Sadly there were only two. But they are beautiful! Oooh and these! Love love this green! There were only three of these beauties. Love them!
Like I said there were a ton of little containers of buttons in this thing. Someone even had them sorted by color. I think I definitely got my 20 bucks worth!!
My very silly kitty Binks. One minute she loves ya the next she hates ya. I think she's bi-polar!;)

Plus my lovely boxer Ray. I love this dog. The best dog EVER!! Just sayin!! Hope everyone has a totally beautiful day!!!


Joanna said...

I've got serious button envy!

Ha ha ha ha, a bi-polar cat! Luckily for her she is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Ray looks v laid back, a real cool dude.


Barb said...

What a great find!....love those older glass buttons and the ones with the roses are to die for!