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Thursday, April 5, 2012

new floor

This is what we have been doing the past week. A new floor.

My dogs are busy too can't you tell?

This little fat one here has been a pain. So into everything!

 THis is our new floor. It's a little dark, it's a cloudy day here.

But I love it!

Our new baby kitty!


Kristin said...

A new floor and a baby kitty! Wait - do those two go together? I love them both! Gorgeous wood. Congratulations, xoxo

missy k said...

Thanks for visiting!

I love your kitten she is so cute :) love your wooden floor too... good timing with a little kitten!

Joanna said...

Cute little kitteh! Great floor too, perfect for cleaning up after pets. We've got carpet throughout (apart from in the bathrooms and kitchen) and it's a nightmare when Rosie Mae comes in from her walk, all wet and muddy. She's shut in the kitchen 'til she's dried off after her shower :o)