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Friday, February 22, 2013

New Orleans pics to share

This guy here was really cool. He did a robot act, and was really good at it to!

The cathedral. Just beautiful. Except for the two half naked prego ladies we seen. Eww. I did like this guys fuzzy outfit!

 My Aunt Dot with the horse. If she could take it home I think she would've!
 The river and the bridge.
 This guy was really cool to. He played his drum and some kids came up and started dancing and another musician came up and really, you just don't see that kind of freedom here.
 Love this statue! This is my dads new girlfriend lol! I took a pic of him sitting and his leg and her lap!

 Andrew Jackson, we are related to him. An uncle of mine did a genealogy thing and  found that we are related on my grandmothers side. Cool.
 Um yea, yummy!!!
I just thought this was a cool shot! Sorry so pic heavy but I do have a few more for another time!!

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Joanna said...

I love to see photos of different places, so no apologies necessary!