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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Well this is what I've been doing this weekend. Finished up a couple of journals. Really the second one was already done I just forgot to post it. 

This one was made from two vintage bingo cards. They were the very very thick ones not the paper ones or even the thin ones these are like a game board thick. I got them at the antique store for 10 bucks for like 20 of them. So I can make lots of journals and such!

We went motorcross racing. Well I didn't but my son did!

 We all had a good time watching him race it was a good day!

I really need to get better at taking action shots with my camera and my phone. I'm either to slow or to fast. So frustrating! Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend see ya next time!

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Connie said...

I love your journal pages. You are an inspiration :)