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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few images today from a trip to a couple of new antique stores this weekend. One thing I've learned....don't take the husband. He is like a kid! Don't touch that! Leave the alone! But the worst of all....passing gas in the store!!!! Man men just don't care!!!But I did manage to find a few things. A little school book, a lovely flower pin, some tarnished silver bowls which I think will make great pincushions! Some wonderful receipt books for only $1! And one lonley little chandeleir crystal for $1 as well. I also got a box of old keys too, but forgot to take the pic of those. I also posted a couple of pics of a collage for ARTchixs fun contest of mermaids. You can make up to three....I might still make the other two I havent decided yet. But this is my contribution #1.

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